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100% refund guaranteed in all plans if not satisfied within 7 days of starting subscription

Plan migration available from lower to higher duration within 7 days of starting subscription; you simply need to pay balance amount

This is AlgoStore’s inaugural offer which may be withdrawn without prior notice. So claim your subscription fast 🙂


Q: What is the total cost I will incur for Algo Trading facility?

A: Depends on your choice of APIBridge vs Robo

  • If you are using Robo + Amibroker/Python, you need to pay for Amibroker Datafeed, no need to pay for any API. Datafeed for Amibroker starts at Rs. 500 per month.
  • If you are using APIBridge+Amibroker, you need to pay for Broker API (see pricing here) and Datafeed for Amibroker (starting at Rs. 500 per month).
  • If you are using APIBridge + Python, and your strategy does not need historical data, then no need to pay for datafeed. You can pull data directly from API using Python.
  • Additional: If your internet connection is not very good, you will need to rent VPS which cost aprox Rs. 1200 per month. See here first video on how to use Amazon AWS.
  • Additional: If you need to get your strategy developed, and you don’t know programming, you will have to pay one-time development fee to developers.

Q: Do you give profitable strategy?

A: Yes, we do give profitable strategy. The selection of strategy is based on sharing permission which our profitable traders give to us. Based on our userbase, we understand which strategies are working under current market conditions.

Note that no guarantees are made whether the strategy will continue to make profits in future.

Strategy will be shared free of cost only to annual (apibridge) and 5-yr subscribers (both apibridge and robo). We are not selling any strategies.