Compare APIBridge vs Robo

Product FeaturesAPI BridgeRobo
Integration with API of broker:Zerodha, Upstox, IIFL +11 moreYESNO
Integration with NEST/NOW/ODIN of 100+ brokersNOYES
Integrated with charting platform like Amibroker, Excel, Python, MT4, NinjaTrader etcYESYES
Order placement flowAmibroker => API Bridge=> broker server. Amibroker => Robo Algo=> Trading terminal=>broker server.
Trade in Multi-Strategies in Multi-Timeframe
and Multi-Markets in Multi-Client Account
Trade in multiple expiry (both weekly and monthly simultaneously)YESYES
Basket orderYESYES
Bracket orderYES (inbuilt feature)YES- through Amibroker
Trade in following instruments
Maintain independent cycle of Long Entry, Long Exit, Short Entry and Short Exit signalsYESYES
Custom Target, SL, quantity, time-based signals etc.
for your code
Client can control the max open position of stock here, max profit,max loss, strategies in which the stock can be tradedYES (inbuilt feature)YES- through Amibroker
User can provide auto squareoff time when you want to exit all your entry position YES (inbuilt feature) YES- through Amibroker
Specific management and differentiation of trades that you place
Open, Completed, Rejected, Canceled
YESNO, all orders sent are shown in a single tab
Trades can be filtered strategy-wise, stock-wise and date-wiseYES (inbuilt feature)NO
Show net position, balance, etc information retrieved from brokerYESNO
Can receive signals of trades from both admin and client charting platform even, if they are situated in two different remote PCYESYES
Global risk management- in which we can control max order per min, max order qty, max order valueYES NO
Martingale and anti-Martingale position managementYESYES
Can send Notification alert through email/sms on following:
1 Order received
2 Order placed
3 Order placement failed
4 Connection broken with broker
5 Licence expiry before 3 days
Handle all the broker api responses like delay in signals etcYESNot Applicable
Paper TradingYESYES
Create net position and experience like live trading in paper tradingYESYES
SquareOff All Positions buttonYESNO
Automatic time based SqaureOffYES (inbuilt feature)YES- through Amibroker
Shows averag buy price and average sell price of trades YESNO
Ignore the exit signal if entry signal Not receivedYES (inbuilt feature)YES (inbuilt feature)
Quantity to exit signal should be less than or equal to entry signalYES (inbuilt feature)YES- through Amibroker
Automatically manage/cancel Open OrdersYESNO
Detailed log for every action done in applicationYESYES