Amibroker Algo Toolkit

Amibroker Algo Toolkit contains nice templates for automatic trading, which you can add your own amibroker strategy for smooth automatic trading. Note that all these AFLs work with both Robo and APIBridge. You can scroll below the images for brief information.


Testing Buttons: This is the most simple and most powerful AFL template. You can send signals of type LE (Long Entry), LX (Long Exit), SE (Short Entry) and SX (Short Exit). You can send any order type, product type etc. Click for details.

Plot All Signals: This is yet another simple and useful formula. Add this code after your afl to find FAKE signals. Click for details.

Separate Entry Exit: Standard template for auto trading from your strategy. Click for details.

Buy Sell Double: If your Sell signal comes with Short, and your Buy signal comes with Cover, use this to double quantity after first trade. Click for details.

Intraday: Standard AFL for intraday trading with lots of options. Click for details.

Options: AFL template for auto trading in Call/Put based on signals in Spot or Future. Click for details.

Martingale: Amazing AFL template which changes position size based on profit or loss. Click for details.

We also provide Profitable Trading Strategies for Amibroker.

The selection of strategy is based on sharing permission which our profitable traders give to us. Based on our userbase, we understand which strategies are working under current market conditions. Note that no guarantees are made whether the strategy will continue to make profits in future. Strategy will be shared free of cost, only to annual (apibridge) and 5-yr subscribers (both apibridge and robo). We are not selling any strategies.